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Renewable Energy Low Pressure Zone Power Systems, Global Cooling and Climate Change Reversal

A Global Project to supply the wold with its needs of energy and to Initiate Global Cooling and to Reverse Climate Change

Here is how fast carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere. Right now, there is

 and rising at about 2 000 tons per second or about 173 000 tons per day.

Desert wind generation is a viable and natural alternative: A proactive initiative that will provide the global needs of renewable energy, cool the earth and restore normal climate.

Generate, deliver to and supply the world with its needs of  inexhaustible low-cost sustainable clean easily accessible energy that will initiate an earth cooling process which will eventually restore natural climate. In doing so, the world will be relieved of the agonies of competing for influence and fighting for energy and water.

Waves Environmental Ltd is active in the development of the necessary environmental tools that will make the world a safer place to live in.

Steady Desert Wind Generation and Conversion into Electricity: A proactive initiative that will provide the global needs of renewable energy at low cost and restore normal climate.

Carbon is the major source of our today's energy. Carbon makes over 90% of oil, gas, and coal. Each one kg of carbon burnt consumes about 3 kg of oxygen to make about 4 kg of carbon dioxide. The burning continues so does the build up of CO2  in the atmosphere. Carbon burning is causing havoc on earth. The global climate is changing in a much faster rate than the world could comprehend. Oxygen is depleted at a much higher rate than the rate of replenishment. It is disrupting the intricate and sensitive natural order. Food chains are broken, species are disappearing, and so will the human specie. The consequences of keeping Carbon as the main source of the global energy are catastrophic.
Waves Environmental Goal: Phase out fossil fuel, Phase in Carbon-free desert energy available in abundant supplies at the Sahara and the Arabian deserts, convert it to constantly blowing steady winds to generate enough electricity to supply the full global needs of energy.

Waves Environmental  is forming the nucleus of a green body that is planned to expand to include partners from around the world. The aim of this body is to ultimately form a green source of renewable energy to replace carbon. 

Our studies show that the Sahara and the Arabian deserts are rich with inexhaustible renewable green energy. In the Sahara Desert alone there is more than 2,700 TW that can be collected using current technologies. That is the equivalence of 2.7 million - 1000 MW coal-fired or nuclear power plants. Relatively small permanent low pressure regions can be created in the vast vacant desert land. Round the clock winds with sustainable speeds can be created within these permanent low pressure zones. Electricity can be generated in amounts enough to supply the global needs of energy - 22 TW in 2021 will supply all the world needs plus 2TW as reserve. That capacity is to grow by 2.3% per year to accommodate natural growing demand. Existing transmission land grids can be improved and upgraded and made smarter to deliver energy to nearly all the eastern hemisphere. Submarine cables could be used to transmit energy to the western hemisphere via three two-way main gateways: Northwestern Europe - Canada, South West Africa-Brazil, and Eastern Siberia-Alaska.

Our Plan of Action calls for: 
1. Locating a place in the Sahara Desert where a 30-50MW physical prototype is built for further testing, fine-tuning of the current technology, and developing new ones if needed,
2. Building sufficient numbers of large-scale wind-power plants to generate the global energy needs. 


As soon as the Action Plan (shown below) is implemented, the CO2 mass counter as shown below will start to slow down, stop, and reverse counting to ultimately stop at 2 200 BT which is the normal atmospheric CO2 level existed in pre industrial times. That can be accomplished by the turn of the century.

Year Total Mass of Carbon Dioxide In the Atmosphere
in Metric Tons
1800 2,200,000,000,000 tons  
1997 2,837,000,000,000 tons  
2008 3,008,000,000,000 tons  

2108 4,605,000,000,000 tons  

The project implementation Action Plan shows that by the '70s or the early '80s of this century the global climate conditions of the mid 18th century of atmospheric CO2 of 280 ppm will be restored.

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