Libyan Climate Change Initiative

0-CO2 emissions by 2021 to get back to 1750 climate in 2080s or 90s

Libyan Initiative aimed at lifting global warming, cooling the earth, and restoring natural climate existed during the 18th century. The global warming reversal process will start in 2014; ambient temperature will peak to 26.2°C in 2020 and will drop to 26° in 2021. It will keep falling getting down to 24° in 2033, 20° in 2056, 16° in 2080 and 13°C in 2098.

Daylight conversion into wind to generate electricity on a large scale: 
A proactive initiative that will provide the global needs of renewable energy and restore normal climate. If the Initiative is adopted by the global community and implemented as scheduled, we will steer away from catastrophe 15 years earlier at a peak temperature of 26.2°C. If the world continues on the current course, catastrophic winds will be felt in 2036 when ambient temperature reaches 32°C.

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How to reverse the process:

Vision: The world is facing a climate problem going out of control. The way global warming has been handled does not provide much hope for process reversal. Global warming trends and projections show that the climate will go through drastic changes to the worse within the next two decades that food production will drop sharply. By 2052 food production may cease when ambient temperature reaches 40°C. Plant tissue will dry and plants will die by 2062 when temperature rises to 46°C. This climate change process has to be reversed.

Mission: The global community should act as one family and as one body to alleviate global warming, cool the earth and restore natural climate conditions. That can only be done when a collective decisive urgent and serious action is taken by the world to put in place a clean and renewable energy system that replaces carbon fuel in total so as to get the climate to the way it was back in 1750.

Objective: Phase in renewable carbon-free clean energy to replace carbon energy and achieve 0-CO2 emissions by 2021 through the implementation of a sustainable and self-sustaining renewable energy supply source. Create local permanent low pressure climates within the high pressure ambient of the hot desert climate and generate constant high speed winds blowing steadily at wind turbo generators 24/7/365 to produce clean renewable energy in quantities sufficient to satisfy the total global demand.

Ways and Means: Construct local permanent low pressure zones in the Sahara and Arabian deserts inside which steady winds can be generated to blow round the clock and produce enough energy to fulfill the global demand. See brochure: the Road Back to 1750

What the world is currently doing about global warming and how it is planning to reduce the impact on the globe is a bottomless drain for global resources. Libya is taking a completely different approach not only to reduce the impact of global warming but to slow it down, stabilize it and reverse it in hopes to reverse the course before reaching the calamity thresholds expected to be hit by mid 30's.

Where the world stands in 2011:
Carbon is still the major source of our today's energy at about 85%. Carbon makes over 90% of oil, gas, and coal. Each one kg of Carbon burnt consumes about 3 kg of oxygen to make about 4 kg of carbon dioxide. The burning continues so does the buildup of CO2  in the atmosphere. 33.5 billion tons are emitted in 2011 alone. Atmospheric CO2 concentration is at 389 ppm - trend: rising. 3.069 trillion tons are in the atmosphere. 869 billion tons over the natural limit of 2.2 trillion tons are in the atmosphere blocking the windows to outer space that cool the earth. Carbon burning is causing havoc on earth. The global climate is changing in a much faster rate than the world could comprehend. Oxygen is depleted at a much higher rate than the rate of replenishment. It is disrupting the intricate and sensitive natural order. Food chains are broken, species are disappearing, and so will the human species. The consequences of keeping carbon as the main source of the global energy are catastrophic. The world is transferring the climate change issue from on COP conference to the next. In each stop artificial cosmetic changes are added to hide the real picture as was done in Copenhagen in COP15 in 2009 and next in Cancun in 2010. The same will be done in Durban this year unless the Libyan Initiative is pushed hard for adoption. If the Initiative is adopted the reversal process of global warming will begin.

Proven permanent low pressure zone technology:
Our studies show that the Sahara and the Arabian Peninsula deserts are rich with renewable green energy. In the Sahara Desert alone there is more than 2,700 TW that can be collected. That is the equivalence of 2.7 million - 1000 MW coal-fired or nuclear power plants. Relatively small permanent low pressure regions can be created in the vast vacant desert land. Round the clock winds with sustainable fixed high speeds can be created within these permanent low pressure zones. Electricity can be generated in amounts enough to supply the global needs of energy. Existing transmission land grids would be upgraded and used for energy delivery to nearly all the eastern hemisphere. Submarine cables could be used to transmit energy to the western hemisphere. HVDC technology will be used for long energy hauls. HVDC can also be used in the smart grid systems. UHVDC technologies can be developed as well as microwave and laser via space transmission to work as a future mode of energy transmission.

The Initiative plan of action calls for: 
1. Forming a global management body that includes researchers, engineers, financiers and investors, scientists, technicians, industrialists, manufacturers, lawyers, diplomats, R&D institutions, and everybody who can participate and contribute to the Initiative,

2. The Libyan government will build a physical model to conduct further testing and fine-tuning the current technology, and develop new ones if needed,

3. Building sufficient numbers of large-scale wind-power plants to generate the global energy needs and completely phase out carbon and nuclear energy and start the journey back to climate 1750 through clearing up the CO2 clouds in the atmosphere, open the atmosphere to the outer space and start the process of global warming reversal and cool the earth.


The LPZ energy will be transmitted to the world from the global power plant through several hubs and gateways as shown below. On smart super grid will supply the world with its needs of energy.


As soon as the Action Plan (shown below) is implemented, the CO2 mass counter will start to slow down, stop, reverse counting to ultimately stop at 2 200 BT - the normal atmospheric CO2 level. That can be accomplished by the turn of the century. What is needed to do so is a consolidated global will.  

The project implementation action plan shows that by the '70s or the early '80s of this century the global climate conditions of the mid18th century of atmospheric CO2 of 280 ppm will be restored.


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