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Performance Comparison
The InvisiHead Seawater Intake head vs. screen and mesh intake heads






Comparison between the InvisiHead and wedge-wire screen intakes

The InvisiHead is robust, heavy duty structure that has proved to be more stable and cost effective. It is a well engineered proactive intake system which actively addresses operation and environmental requirements compared to the highly reactive wedge-wire screen intake head systems. The overall performance and availability of the Elmosa Seawater Intake System is higher than any other system operating in the seawater intake industry. It is available 100% of the time under all operating conditions and requires no maintenance for its lifetime. The system entirely utilizes natural process in its entire operation from the start to the end – from the point where the first water molecule at the offshore end of the system is gently drawn into the InvisiHead and smoothly guided through all the way to the pump intake at the onshore NatSep intake basin. 

In contrast, the wedge-wire screen intake head employs several reactive layers of measures needed to keep it in operation. Wedge-wire screens are not a dedicated seawater intake head system like the InvisiHead but modified well screens. They have to be supported by a costly clean up system to convert them into operational seawater intake heads. Backwash and air bursting are essential elements to keep them in operation while the InvisiHead system requires none of that to remain in full operation providing 100% of the design capacity at all times for over 50 years.


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The InvisiHead is simply a Nature's product. We in American Eco Systems are proud to be the inventors of such an environmental-friendly robust natural system.

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