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 The InvisiHead Intake Head System

The InvisiHead seawater intake head - an omni directional funnel-out sequential flow-phase transitional intake head system that adds to the performance of the offshore systems. It is fitted to the upstream end of seawater intake pipelines located some distance into the sea from the shoreline. The entrance velocity is lower than  0.09 m/s (< 0.3 fps).  The approach velocity is extremely slow <0.002 m/s (< 0.0065 fps) at 5 meters away - the InvisiHead intake head becomes hydraulically invisible to suspended matter. In other words, the intake head does not act as a sink point or a suction source and therefore does not suck in debris. Floor sand, silt, and tiny larvae (< 20 umg) remain undisturbed by the the lower flow streamlines taking off from the sea floor. The super slow entrance velocity also leads to lower head losses and lower level drawdown at the pump intake basin onshore. the head loss at the InvisiHead is at a negligibly low 0.00017 m. 

The InvisiHead entrance section is hydraulically fine-tuned in lab to optimize system hydraulics. The entrance dimensions are not arbitrarily selected but hydraulically calculated in a multi dimensional approach. Each dimension is a function of the steady flow velocity. Eddies through this approach are totally eliminated.

The InvisiHead System is made of relatively thick duplex or 316L stainless to form a robust stable long-life seawater intake structure. It can be supplied with a built-in anti biofouling dispensing system to be connected with an onshore disinfectant source through HDPE or PVC hose. The system is designed so that 100% of the disinfectant dispensed remains in the water flowing into the intake pipeline and none flows outside of the system. 

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