5G (5th Generation) intake and outfall system

The InvisiHead is a proven technology supported by major environmental bodies (US EPA, Australian EPA) and notable consultants (UK University of Surrey)

                                                                   InvisiHead intake and diffuser                                         Intake                                                                                                                                             Diffuser                                 

The InvisiHead replaces mechanical-screen and mesh intakes with higher performance, low on CAPEX, zero on OPEX

The InvisiHead uses gravity to supply good quality water and discharge brine compared to the energy-intensive linear jet diffusion

The InvisiHead replaces screening systems alltogether and in their entirety. No more need for the following types of high CAPEX and OPEX-intensive screening:

Drum screensInvolved screen networkMulti screening array

Tilted travelingTraveling screenWidge wire T-screen

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This wedge wire T-Screenwas blocked by Zebra mussels was

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           rendered usless, decomissioned and replaced by InvisiHead

                              all replaced by the Four 0000 InvisiHead technology

4-Zero Technology


Since no operational expences are involved in operating the InvisiHead,no money is spent on OPEX, instead it is aved. The  savings pay back the CAPEX in 28 years





The working priciple of the InvisiHead diffuser is to utilize the the roundsurround surface area to softly and safely reach the required dilution degree without impacting marine life. In the case of linear diffusers, published evidence indicates that physical damage (due to turbulence and velocity shear pulling apart eggs, larva and small juveniles ) occurs in open, free-stream turbulent environments, similar to what would occur when these organisms are entrained into the turbulent mixing zone of high velocity diffuser systems. That is Turbulence Mortality, and it occurs by two mechanisms. In the turbulent mixing zone of a diffuser, entrained eggs, larvae and juvenile adults suffer impact mortality from direct contact with the high velocity core of a diffuser jet. Along the outer edges of the high velocity core of a diffuser jet, turbulent shear mortality occurs along the streamlines between the entrainment and outflow regions of the turbulent mixing zone, where shearing rates in the fluid are very high. This never the case with the InvisiHead diffuser.

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